My Top 5

Do we share the same taste?

Do we share the same taste? Do you think I’m a moron who doesn’t know the first thing about film and should be shipped off to Siberia? Comment below to let me know and post your top 5!

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

The wisest, most insightful movie I have ever seen. Platinum standard for a screenplay, not to mention impeccable acting and direction. I watch it every Valentines Day as I cry into my whiskey.










The Matrix

I’m not huge on action movies, but this one has it all. A premise that makes you question the very nature of reality. The scariest villain in the history of cinema, in my humble opinion (everyone who has ever fought an agent has died…yeah, that’s some real shit). Breathtaking kung fu. The invention of bullet time. Iconic, quotable lines that will live in the culture forever. And hey, it even made four different kinds of sunglasses famous (Neo shades, Agent Smith shades, Trinity shades, Morpheus shades…don’t tell me you don’t know the difference). Plus, it was one of the first R rated movies I was ever allowed to watch, so it has a special place in my heart.


Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

I thought this was the funniest movie on the planet in middle school, and I still do. So what if it’s juvenile, I have never laughed harder at anything and I will cherish this movie for the rest of my days.

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

The Nightmare before Christmas

One of my childhood favorites, and it still holds up. The animation style is so unique, it’s a visual feast, and the story is extraordinarily poignant for a kids movie. Plus, it has a great soundtrack. I can still recite most of the songs by heart.

Adaptation                       or                                      Her

Okay, I cheated and did a tie. Although both of these are Spike Jones movies, so it’s only half cheating. Both are great films that I have a personal connection to. I love ADAPTATION for its spot on depiction of a neurotic screenwriter (finally someone understands me!) and HER stars my doppelgänger, so I get to see what I would look like with a mustache without actually having to grow one.

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